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A Homerun is hit when the batter runs across all four bases. An automatic homerun is hit when the ball is hit out of the field in fair territory. An inside-the park homerun is hit when a batter hits the ball and he is able to go around all the bases. Then when there are runners on all the bases, and you hit a homerun, it is called a grand slam. Then when a homerun is hit in the bottom of the ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelve inning and so on you hit a walkoff homerun. Back to back homeruns are hit when homeruns are hit consecutively. They happen sometimes but rare achievments are back to back to back homeruns ans back to back to back to back homeruns. The home run cycle is hit when a solo homerun, two-run homerun, three-run homerun and a grand slam is hit in one game by one person. It is rare to hit four homeruns in one game. Noone in the major leagues has ever hit for the homerun cycle but a few people were a certain homerun away from it.

Top 10 Most Homeruns Hit

1. Barry Bonds 762

2. Hank Aaron 755

3. Babe Ruth 714

4. Willie Mays 660

5. Ken Griffey Jr. 630

6. Sammy Sosa 609

7. Alex Rodriguez 604

8. Frankie Robinson 586

9. Mark McGwire 583

10. Jim Thome 581