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Ichiro Suzuki is a Major League Baseball right fielder for the Seattle Mariners. Ichiro has had a 200 hit season for 9 consecutive seasons which is a major league baseball record ahead of Willie Keeler with 8 consecutive seasons. the only person with more 200 hit seasons than Ichiro is Pete Rose with 10 seasons with 200 hits.


When Ichiro came to the U.S., he would have been 1 one of the first japanese-born players to be a starter. When Ichiro made his Seattle Mariners debut as his tremendous arm gunned down Terrence Long of the Oakland Athletics trying to got to 3rd base from 1st base. Ichiro got uniform # 51 which happened to previously be Randy Johnson's uniform as he said he would not bring shame to the uniform number. He had an amazing 2001 Rookie Season he hit .350 and 56 stolen bases and he was the first rookie to be a league leader since the legendary Jackie Robinson. Ichiro had 56 stolen bases which was the most since in 1992 when Kenny Lofton had 66 stolen bases, a rookie record. He had some hitting streaks and his season high was 23 games. Ichiro was the first rookie to lead all players in votes in the All-Star Game. In the offseason, he won mvp award and the rookie of the year award as Ichiro was only the second person to ever do this in MLB history (the other player was Fred Lynn). 2001 was very successful season for the Seattle Mariners as they tied the mlb record for wins in a season with 116 wins. They made it to the playoffs for the first time as Ichiro hit .700 against the Cleveland Indians in the ALDS and he hit .111 against the New York Yankees in the ALCS as the Seattle Mariners didn't make it to the world series.

2002 and 2003[]

Ichiro finished his second season with 208 hits as he was the first Mariner to have 2 200+ hit seasons. He is the 6th major league baseball player with 2 200+ hit seasons to start off his career.